For the last several years, I've habitually read both HackerNews and DesignerNews to stay up to date with the tech industry. As a developer, both sites are a great resource for:

The problem with both sites is I don't have time to read them.

The fast pace of today's tech and design news-cycle feels overwhelming. If I get busy for a few days, I end up missing out on some great reading, that helps inform my day-to-day life in very real and beneficial ways.

I figured I wasn't alone. I guessed that other people also want to stay on top of inspiring and newsworthy articles throughout the week, but don't have time to lurk on the news boards each day.

That's why I created a weekly newsletter of the best articles from both sites, and called it Friday Dev / Design Roundup. Each week, subscribers will get a selection of hand-curated links culled from each site. This way, we can stay current, and save time.

What's In the Dev / Design Roundup?

Read the most interesting stories the week has to offer. Get stories like how to Ship Meth to Your Friends, or Your First Idea is Not That Good.

Each week, I'll include the best links from the most interesting articles, the most creative submissions, and the newest trends.

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